Quiz Team – Assemble! 

Avengers: Infinity War was released last week, and it’s already a box office smash (no spoilers, PLEASE!). In honor of our favorite good guys, here are your pub quiz teammates as Avengers characters.

  1. The One Who Knows Nothing Current: Thor. He’s trying. But he’s not the most up-to-date. The good news is this player is a massive help in those mythology rounds.
  2. The Science Buff: Shuri. The princess of Wakanda is genius, and some say she’s even smarter than Iron Man himself. Keep the science buffs around for all of your chemistry, biology, and engineering needs. 
  3. The History Geek: Captain America.  No trivia team is complete without a history fan, and Steve Rogers is the perfect hero to fill that slot. He’s in his 90s, so he knows a lot of old stuff. Plus, he literally fought in World War II! Can’t go wrong with Cap.
  4. The Guy Who Thinks He Knows Everything: Iron Man. Tony Stark is a genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist, so of course he thinks he has all the answers. Honestly, he probably does. And even if he doesn’t, he sure believes he does. Know when to trust this trivia junkie and when to just let him ramble.
  5. The Guy Who Actually Knows Everything: Hulk. Like his red-and-yellow-suited peer, Bruce Banner is a genius. But he’s a modest genius. This is useful. Hang on to this player.