What to Expect at Quizzoholics

Playing bar trivia at a Quizzoholics event is always unique, but we do follow a few guidelines when it comes to writing quizzes. Here’s what you can expect at New Jersey’s best pub quiz.

  1. Visual round. Teams are given a handout with eight images. Your job is to identify what each image is. The pictures always follow a theme, like college mascots, words that start with the letter “c,” or badly drawn movies. This round is timed, so work quickly!
  2. Standard rounds. These rounds range in difficulty but are usually based on some sort of theme. You can expect the standard rounds to cover anything from arts and literature to chemistry – history, geography, pop culture, the sciences. It’s all accounted for.
  3. Audio rounds. Quizzoholics trivia also features two audio rounds. In the first, you’ll have to identify the song title and artist by a short snippet that your host plays. Most nights, you’ll be given a clue – songs that have a color in the title, ‘90s hits – and these categories often cover multiple genres. The second audio round is generally focused on pop culture, like identifying TV show theme songs or Bill Murray movies.
  4. Multiple answers. In this round, teams answer questions that have multiple answers, like identifying the NATO Phonetic Alphabet codewords that are also men’s names. All the questions in this round are themed.
  5. All or nothing. You’ll want to bring your best for this round. Random knowledge questions comprise the last round, and they’re often the hardest questions you’ll face all night. Each correct answer is worth two points, but get one wrong, and you’ll earn zero points for the round. Choose wisely, and go with your gut – or not.