Quizzoholics: A History

What started as a part-time gig at a bar in Bordentown six years ago has turned into a full-fledged business for Quizzoholics owner Matt Sorrentino. The company started with pub quiz every Wednesday at Bordentown’s Dubh Linn Square, and now, we host weekly trivia nights three days a week all across the state, from Jersey City to Manahawkin. 


Our quizmasters aim to strike a good balance between humor and a fun, challenging game of bar trivia – unsurprising, considering Sorrentino himself spent eight years on the comedy circuit. After a few years living in Florida and Los Angeles, he moved back home to Pemberton and ended up falling into a trivia hosting job at the former Dubh Linn Square. It took off, and weekly trivia nights were added to the bar’s Cherry Hill location. Teams from the Dubh Linn days are still regulars at local events.

The company’s growth has been due in large part to trial and error, figuring out what works and what doesn’t. The balance between a quiz that’s challenging and one that’s too tough to enjoy can be hard to come by, but it’s exactly what you’ll find at one of our events. There’s pop culture, music, sports, history, science, geography – each trivia night has a little something for everybody, and our hosts work hard to make sure that’s always the case.

Now, you can find Quizzoholics trivia nights at 13 different bars spread out over 10 different towns statewide three nights a week. There’s a full list of events on our Schedule page, where you’ll definitely find a bar near you.