We're glad you're here, and we'd love to become a part of your family.  Each week dozens of teams file into local restaurants and pubs to take part in Quizzoholics Trivia Nights.  Why should you miss out on that business?  Our teams come back week after week and spend their hard earned dollars on those food and beverage items you've been slinging for years.

Here's some questions other owner/operators had.

What do I need to do?  The same thing you're doing now.  Just provide that awesome service you've been doing this whole time.  We provide all the quiz materials and promo tools.  We can hook into your existing sound system or bring our own sound equipment.

So business will just explode overnight right?  - Building a quiz audience takes time, it can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Once people discover your quiz night they'll be back, but word of mouth takes time to spread. Our advertising efforts and you pushing quiz night to your regulars helps to speed up the process though. Our quiz night will exponentially increase the sales you're currently doing, but not overnight.

How much does it cost? - Well this is the part where we'd like to talk you personally.  Our rates vary depending on contract length and payment options.  Our rates are very affordable and incredibly competitive. Fill out the form below and we'll contact you.  Or email us quizzoholics@gmail.com

What makes you better than other Trivia Companies? Or couldn't I do this myself? - There's millions of trivia nights that happen across the country every night, some of them are awesome, but most of them suck.  We've developed our strategy and nightly timeline over several hundred trivia nights.  It's continually evolving, we've taken people's favorite parts and done away with stuff that just doesn't work.  Anyone can sit in a corner and read trivial pursuit questions.  We're so much more than that.  We bring time tested materials that keep everyone interested and involved, audio and visual rounds, and professional hosts, many of which with standup comedy experience that transform trivia night into an actual live game show!


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