How it works.

Quizzoholics Trivia hosts and performs 2 hour team trivia events.  You may have been to a trivia night or Pub Quiz before, but we promise you've never experienced anything like a Quizzoholics Trivia night.  Our quizzes are hosted by professional Quizmasters and Standup Comedians for added entertainment value. Even if you lose, and you probably will, you'll have a great time.  We offer a money back guarantee on all of our FREE weekly quizzes! 

Our 9 round quiz covers a variety of topics and includes two audio rounds. You get the chance to double down your best round and our final round is double or nothing, so don't screw it up!

How to make the perfect team.

Teams should be no more than 6 players.  Our rounds cover a variety of topics so the ideal team has an 'expert' in each category. Here's our 6 person dream team by stereotypes.

1. History Buff

This person loves history more than going outside, you won't find them at the park on a nice day because they're at the museum or library.

2. Science Nerd

This person knows the atomic number of helium and can tell you the planet with the shortest day. They know the guy responsible for penicillin and they had Newton's Laws of motion memorized when they were 8.

3. Music Maniac

They can name any song and tell you the artist after listening to it for all of 12 seconds. They know the difference between Ice, Ice Baby and Under Pressure in even less time.

4. TMZ addict

This person will usually tell  you the hollywood happenings and latest star rumors before you even say hi.  They probably have a ridiculous amount of instagram followers and pretty much crush pinterest on the reg. (Whatever that means)

5. Sports Nut

This person should know that Mike Trout's jersey number  plus the single season homer record is 100. They could tell you who the all time leading NFL rusher is and know the NBA player with the most MVP awards is not Michael Jordan.

6. Your Mom

Seriously! You don't spend enough time with her as is. Plus she'll know the answer to that 70's pop culture question that no one else on your team has a clue about. 

Of course then that leaves out the Movie Buff, the Art and Lit Professor, the Video Game Nerd, Comic and Sci-Fi Geeks.  I guess there is no perfect team... Good Luck!