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The model is simple, we bring customers in to your bar for our 2 hour trivia event, they eat food, drink beer and then they come back each week.  We work closely with you to launch and develop an exciting weekly event that will give your patrons something to tell their friends about.  With Quizzoholics Trivia your new customers become regulars and your current customers become family.  We look forward to hearing from you! Contact Us Now.

What do I need to do?  The same thing you're doing now.  Just provide that awesome service you've been doing this whole time.  We provide all the quiz materials and promo tools.  We can hook into your existing sound system or bring our own sound equipment.

So business will just explode overnight right?  - Building a quiz audience takes time, it can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Once people discover your quiz night they'll be back, but word of mouth takes time to spread. Our combined advertising efforts to both new and existing clientele helps to speed up the process. You should see an increase in sales immediately but give it some time and watch those sales increase exponentially.  

How much does it cost? - Well this is the part where we'd like to talk you personally.  Our rates vary depending on contract length and payment options but are very affordable and incredibly competitive.