Pub Quiz Style Team Trivia

Quizzoholics Trivia is a live event company specializing in team based Pub Trivia style games known regionally as Quizzo and globally as Pub Quiz.  Our game pits teams of smart asses against each other in the ultimate competition of useless knowledge.  Whether you're a bar/resturant manager looking to spice things up on a slow night or looking for a fun and exciting team building event for your business or group, we've got you covered!  Click below to learn more!


What We do

Are you a bar or restaurant manager looking to increase sales on a slower night of the week? Quizzoholics might be the answer for you.  Visit our 'what we do' section to learn a little bit about how we can improve your business!

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Looking for a fantastic excuse to have a few beers on a school or work night? Well we're the obvious answer!  Check out our schedule to see where you can play. Then round up your smartest friends and get paid for being know-it-alls!

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