We're looking for people to join our team!  Currently we are searching for Quizmasters. As our business expands we need people to fill these roles.  

Our Quizmasters are in charge of running the quizzes at our venues every week.  We'll provide all of the equipment and teach you how to use it. What we need from you is just your Awesome personality and fun energy.  People with a background in public speaking, teaching, stage performance can make great hosts for our events.  We also love standup and improv comics and super heroes!

What you need to apply.  

1. Reliable Transportation.  We need you on time, and every week. This is very important.

2. A Laptop/Tablet and Printer and Camera(like the one on your phone).  You're going to need to bring your laptop or Tablet with you every week. You're in charge of playing background music, our audio rounds and keeping score(a lot easier on a spreadsheet). You also need to take a picture of the winning teams each week.

3. A fucking rockstar personality! We are looking for eccentric, fun and boisterous people.  The type of people who are the life of the party, you're the show... the quiz is just there to keep everyone entertained when they're not looking at you.

If you're interested fill out the form below and someone will contact you about our next audition date.


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