Preparing for Pub Quiz!

By now, you probably know what kinds of rounds and questions a Quizzoholics trivia event consists of. The next step is thinking about how to prepare for pub quiz. Here are our tips!

  1. Read up on the week’s current events. Some rounds might be themed around the week’s headlines or events, like awards season or the Super Bowl. They could be questions about the Oscars or simply movie-related     queries. Keep current events in mind when you come to pub quiz.
  2. Know what you’re good at. If you’re a science expert, music fanatic, or big-time sports fan, use that to your advantage! Listen up for rounds, questions and categories that fit in with your expertise, and tell your teammates when something you’re confident in pops up. You know what you know.
  3. Think about what you’re bad at. By the same token, you also know what you DON’T know. It never hurts to glance at a map of state capitals if geography isn’t your thing, or to listen to a playlist of #1 songs throughout the decades. We’re not talking Jeopardy-levels of studying here – but brushing up on subjects you might not be an expert in can never hurt.
  4. Use all sides of your brain. Sure, at Quizzoholics, we’re testing your knowledge on a variety of subjects. And sometimes that also involves thinking outside the box, solving anagrams or deciphering puns and plays on words. You might have to get creative, but that’s all part of the fun.